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WP Job Openings PRO WordPress Plugin GPL Download; WP Job Openings PRO GPL –WP Job Openings PRO is an add-on for the free plugin WP Job Openings Plugin. The PRO pack comes with some advanced features that might be required by advanced users – like custom forms, email notifications, and shortlist/reject applications.

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WP Job Openings PRO GPL

WP Job Openings PRO is an add-on for the free plugin WP Job Openings Plugin. The PRO pack comes with some advanced features that might be required by advanced users – like custom forms, email notifications, and shortlist/reject applications. The PRO pack also comes with premium support from the development team for customizations and fixes. It’s also a way for you to support our humble effort.

Just the right features. No Bloats

Easy Setup

Setting up a job listing page for your organization can’t get easier than this! A few minutes are enough to get your job listing page ready on your website. The onboarding flow makes it easier to get the basic setup done and lets you go on with your real job – recruitment.

Elegant and flexible Layouts

The UI of the WP Job Openings plugin enables users to complete the task that they came to the website with ease and without confusion. It also pleases them aesthetically and experientially. The uncluttered, clean design and clever use of white space imbue the user with a sense of calm.

The UI is responsive and comes in two layouts – Grid and List. It is designed carefully according to modern design and User Experience principles.

Search and Filters

WP Job Openings helps job seekers search and filter job listings with ease with its Ajax-powered filtering system. It is not only just seamless but optimized for great usability and performance. Job seekers will have no difficulty in finding the job they are looking for even from hundreds of jobs in the listing.

Behind this wonderful interface, there is a great set of customization options that let you control the way it should work in your job listing. The options allow you to enable or disable any number of filters and search options. Any user familiar with WordPress will find these features instantly recognizable and easy to use.

While many plugins give you only the basic filtering controls, WP Job Openings has detailed settings that let you define exactly what content from your website or external sources is displayed on your grids – even in its free version!

JobListing Schema

The WP Job Openings plugin is designed with Job Listing Schema and considering the Google job listing results, the visibility of the job openings in Google search is more.

Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that is placed on the website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. WP Job Openings Plugin enables Google Search Engines to technically read the job postings clearly and gives a higher chance of being displayed and ranked well in the search results.

That is, it helps to show structured data for postings in search results. The candidates get all the required information in one go, whereas the organization is more likely to get relevant people applying for the job. Also, it helps to save on expensive postings on job platforms.

A more powerful Schema management module with tons of advanced options is on its way!

Job Specification

One of the most loved features of the WP Job Openings Plugin is its super flexible Job Specification Management module. The plugin by default comes with three default job specifications – Job Category, Job Location, and Job Type. But it is totally up to you whether you want to use them or add more of them.

You can add an unlimited number of Job Specifications which you can effectively use as input fields for your job listing content. Also, the same specifications can be used to filter the jobs in the front as well as the backend. You can also set icons for the specifications.

Dev tip: You can easily use the filter hook awsm_specification_content located in wp-job-openings.php to modify the contents of the job specification and awsm_jobs_specifications_position located in admin/templates/appearance.php

Form Builder

This feature in the pro-pack helps to easily create and customize your job applications. Label in form builder is used for changing the label associated with each application form field. You can create the field type required by clicking the Required Field checkbox.

Field type in the form builder is used for defining the HTML form input controls. Some of the currently supported field types include Text Field (to add default HTML input text control to the application form),

Email ( to let the applicant enter the email address before the form submission), Number (to let the applicant enter a numerical value), Phone (to let the applicant enter their contact number),

Checkbox (to let the applicant select more than one option), Resume (to allow applicants upload their resume), Photo (to allow applicants to upload their photo) and File (to allow applicants to upload any file attachments).

Rate Applicants

To make the hiring process easier, WPJO enables you to rate the applicants. Applicants can be rated from 1 to 5 stars depending on the parameters the company is looking for.

Select, Shortlist, or Reject

You can categorize the applicants into new, selected, shortlisted, in-progress, or rejected ones according to the discretion of the recruiter. There is no need to make multiple Excel tabs or Excel sheets to keep up with the recruitment process. You can track the status of the applicants in the WPJO itself. This feature is available in the Pro version.

Email Templates

Do you find yourself writing the same recruiting email over and over again as you communicate with different candidates? Get your time back by using standardized email templates in WPJO.

Using this feature, recruiters can create and save customized email templates to be mailed to the applicants. In WPJO Emails are handled through Email Templates, which you can create an unlimited number of. They are tied to actions/hooks that trigger when to send the email.

You can create an unlimited number of email templates and set it to any action/hook, even if it’s already got an email tied to it! For example, when a new listing is posted, you could create multiple custom email templates, one to send to the admin, and one to the person submitting the listing, with completely different and customized content.

You can also override or customize the email templates by copying them to your theme and making edits there.

Notes Widget

Perks, benefits, photos of smiling employees- the careers page is now a standard part of any organization’s website. Posts and pages have their characteristics and uses, but sometimes there is a need to display important, very short, time-sensitive information which doesn’t fit into a post or page. WP Job Openings Notes Widget Pro feature fills this gap.

The visual design is similar to real sticky notes which adds to the effective communication of the message. It helps the internal communications of the recruitment team to prevent communication gaps.

Activity Tracker

Keeping a close eye on your applications isn’t a bad thing. There are a handful of valid reasons to do this. First, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to detect security threats from unauthorized logins, file modification, and spam accounts. WordPress tracking tools often emphasize this benefit in their descriptions.

The Activity tracker feature is included in the Pro version of the plugin to keep track of all activity within an application and make the recruiting process smoother. You’ll know whenever someone creates, alters, or deletes an application.

Developer Friendly

WPJO is created keeping in mind both developers and users. It is flexible, scalable, and has hooks and filters, making it easy to modify and tweak to your specific needs. The plugin also has extensible documentation and reliable support.

It can be integrated with other plugins easily and is compatible with other themes. It has immense scope for further customization too. You can override the default templates or use hooks available within templates.

HR Role

WP Job Openings enables you to efficiently streamline the recruitment processes by using the HR user role that comes with it. You can add all the users you want to involve in your organization’s recruitment process under the HR Role. The HR role is a limited-access role. The users under the role will only be able to see and manage Job Listings and Applications on your website.

It’s one of the highly appreciated features of WPJO.

Attach Files with Emails

WPJO supports PDF, Doc, Docx, and RTF files. You can enable this option from Settings-> Form-> Form Builder. You can opt for this option for all fields and not be limited to emails. Currently, it is available only for the Pro version.

Send Emails and Track

WPJO makes communication with applicants much easier. All you have to do to mail the applicants is select any Email template you have created in the Templates option in the Settings -> Notifications -> Templates tab and mail them.

You can view all the emails you have sent in the Sent Mail tab.

WPML & Polylang Support

With the world becoming smaller, websites should not be restricted to one language. WPJO is compatible with WPML and Polylang plugins. We provide basic WPML support for the free version and full support for our Pro version. We support users to easily use WPML or Polylang and turn their websites into multilingual ones.

Export Applications

When openings attract dozens or even hundreds of candidates, you end up with a massive amount of data on your hands. You need to be able to organize and analyze it all so you can identify trends and optimize your hiring process.

WP Job Openings includes numerous detailed reports, all of which are exportable to Microsoft Excel to ease the administrative work. Reports with too much information are overwhelming and not very helpful. We make it easy to filter and export specific data, like a certain candidate source, a single opening, or a date range.

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We have shared a 100% GPL-licensed file WP Job Openings PRO WordPress Plugin GPL Download. So you can use this file on your website or your client’s website without any worry. The shared file is not nulled or cracked file. We downloaded these files from the original GPL file provider and shared them here.


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